Spunindo Company Profile
Multi Spunindo Jaya, Company Profile Design, Book Design, Graphic Design, Layout, Corporate Design

Multi Spunindo Jaya is one of the largest non woven manufacturer in South East Asia. The company needs a profile book that represents them in the international market.

One of the Multi Spunindo Jaya’s strength point is their cutting edge production process and their constant investment in technology. We wanted to stress these points on the physical look of the company profile book. Therefore, we explored and used of post production printing techniques to deliver a visual that stunning beyond conventional print. We used special spot colors – silver and turquoise green – that have this distinct vibrancy, setting them apart from regular process-based color.

The cover got special treatment, as they ran on 7 color print, UV spot, also hot foiled title texts before they got embossed, giving those texts a unique dimension and reMlective properties.It was quite risky when all these treatments were applied on a single page since the error possibilities would be quite large. With careful executions and precessions on our printing partner’s end, the result was undeniably satisfying.

Other techniques used on the inners were including overprinting techniques with silver ink (double printed spot color on top of silver ink), blind UV spot, and foil printing. We also attached smaller size pages as a playful variation to the book, as well as an inset to be used as product swatches. The finished book were then bound in stitches for a final sleek look.