Twenty Four Seven
Ready to drink, branding, strategy, packaging, label design, identity design

A healthy herbal drink tries to penetrate the urban market, aimed for young ages with fast-pacing lifestyle. The brand needs an appealing name and an eye-catching packaging to stand out in the cluttered supermarket row.

24/7 – twenty four seven – is a ready-to-drink herbal beverages positioned for young and fast-pacing urban lifestyle market, hence the brand name. The product preposition is a simple and healthy lifestyle drink – rather than focusing on the medicated benefit which is surely less appealing for youngsters. So aside from using the word ‘jamu’ (Indonesian traditional drink from herbs) we created a new category called ‘herbal mocktail’.

Designs are printed on shrunken labels, color-coded to the product variant itself. The packaging is made semi-transparently to reveal the liquid various colors, which eventually makes the liquid itself a part of the whole packaging design. Both products and packaging colors are intentionally chosen to create a good combination, while maintaining the natural color of the herb itself.