Hyperlink project
IDN Times, brand, strategy, event identity, creative market, conference

As the waves of new creativepreneurs emerge, a portal news agency initiates a creative gathering as their offline event. The project was to create a unique and appealing creative market for the millennials

With ‘connecting online communities’ given as the main theme and brief, the brand name – Hyperlink Project – is taken from the hyperlink button on internet browser which functions as the connector to other URL links, where conveniently, ‘Hype’ is also one of the segment in the client’s news portal site.

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We realize that the event needs another boosters other than just being a weekend creative market, which has become relatively common nowadays. Our concept was to fuse a creative conference event into the weekend bazaar, where curated young CEOs, YouTube artists, creativepreneurs and start-up business owners took turns on the center stage daily – giving out tips and inspiring the audiences. Hyperlink project is easily become a magnet.

For more photos on the actual event, search in Instagram with #hyperlinkproject