Pejuang stunt company profile
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Stunt men and women are probably the unsung heroes of the movie industry; Realizing this, Pejuang Stunt incorporated as PT. Pejuang Laga Indonesia sets off to educate the market while expanding their business, hence a company profile is required to reflect their corporate soul.

The main challenge for this project is to capture all those movies actions and stunts into still-frames, yet still intensely captivating. Working closely with the whole stunt team and photographer, we’re able to freeze those thrill stunts into stunning shots. While the session itself is a duplication of a small movie set performing several classic stunts such as free falls, human flame, parkour and motor stunts, some acts were needed to be presented in sequential photos to get the sense of dynamic and motion.

The finish product is a booklet folder format company profile printed in vibrant colors with a mini photobook.