Portrait the wedding
Rebranding, Wedding, Photography, Custom Finish

Portrait the Wedding is a sister brand to Portrait Studio, the first conceptual photography studio in Surabaya. For years, they use a singular identity for both brands, until they realize that maintaining a single identity for two very different markets is tough.

When we first on board with the project, both the client and us realize that we’re going to need something that really differentiates them from the rest – both conceptually and visually. At that point, the market was already cluttered with so many young photographers and market competition was tough. The most popular product was overseas photoshoot, which most of the competitors used as their main preposition and strategy to win the market.

The brand development idea was to go back to basic. Shifting the focus back to the couple and their stories rather than the glamorous landscape. Back to the plain old idea where wedding is about the intimate emotional experience that can not be replicated by others, hence the tagline – for one’s own

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We use plain white graphics to highlight the photo images. All photos we put to use, exposes emotions, lots of expressions, body language and less backgrounds, nor fancy wedding stuff. The central focus is the bride and the groom themself. The whole concept of the visual is about personalization. We’ve also used lots of post-production techniques, as well as exploring unique materials to finish the designs to enhance this concept.

To add a sense of personalization, we scanned the handwritten name and phone numbers from all personnels and photographers; then hot-stamped them onto the business card.