Puraforma Clinic
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Integrated body rejuvenation clinic that offers the concept of enhancing both physical and inner wellbeing to achieve a healthy and happy living.

The brand name, Puraforma is literally translated into pure form.
Suggesting that the human purest form is the balance between a healthy toned body and a happy soul. This is what the brand actually offers – compared to other slimming clinic that mostly only focused on body shaping.

Link here for more of our logo works from our highlight section

The overall look of Puraforma brand is light, beauty, simplicity and lifestyle.
The brand also aims for younger market, where obesity and healthy living have may not been a concern.
Puraforma tries to introduce body rejuvenation, aesthetic and restoration from a lifestyle point of view; hence the brand style and tones are less medical and technical.

For Puraforma, we go all the way to provide unique, non-generic photo materials. Our models are body painted with symbols and icons that are uniquely created for the brand itself.

The project ranges from identity to other collateral applications, including website which is built with several unique features, like a share-able body mass counter and members’ secure page. Link here for the actual webpage