Surya Millinia Abadi / SMA
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SMA – for short – is a custom-made plastic manufacturers, producing parts for various well-known brands in automotive, electronics and consumer products. As the company grows, they decided to redesign their identity along with a few corporate needs.

The project ranges from logo, identity applications, profile and webpage. We designed the monogram as the logo to be applicable into various production techniques, including in plastic molding. It should be legible, even in small size, since the monogram will be used for marking the inner section of plastic parts they’ve produced.

Link here for more of our logo works from our highlight section

The profile revolves on the idea around the company’s growth. We found that the company’s name SMA is actually a common phoneme in English. We then picked up the idea and played the phoneme into the design theme and headlines.
Sentences like “Our story begins with SMA”; “everything starts SMAll”; “SMArt skill and commitment” are used throughout the profile.

The plain white site was designed to be informative and non cluttered, since most of the visitors will browse the site for further informations about their services and production terms.

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